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Visual Artist 

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I am a painter, art director, educator, professional 2D animation artist with over 15 years of experience in multimedia development.

Before I joined the Art Department of the University of the District of Columbia as an academic faculty member for six years, I worked as an animator and art director for a children television and book companies. I was responsible for all elements of development, which included script analysis, storyboard creation, educational 2D digital animation, and book illustrations. This rewarding creative experience drew upon the technical skills I gained at a home automation system company, where I worked on design, concept art, animation, infographics, instructional videos, and advertisement materials for over 100 products. Another professional experience that honed my creative expertise is my time spent with the film production company Blink, where I served as their team supervisor, lead storyboard developer, and character design artist. That job gave me the chance to discover the whole film making process from shooting live videos to the post-production final touches. My work at Blink for a movie for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government received numerous awards, including: Best Animation of 2012 at Digital Studio Awards, Dubai UAE, Best Animation at Zanzibar International Film Festival 2013, and Special Picture at 3D Korea International Film Festival 2013.

In addition to significant production experience, I have dedicated the past six years to the education of new artists as a teacher at the University of the District of Columbia, and various other learning workshops I’ve supported. Through this work, I have shared my expertise with the full Adobe Creative Suite, and helped students master all the programs I’ve used in my professional career, including: Adobe Animate, After Effects, Photoshop, and various other tools to help them build confidence in their content creation pursuits. This work required me to be an effective communicator as I worked with nearly 100 students every year. Additionally, it equipped me with excellent time management, leadership, and interpersonal skills.




Washington DC. USA

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